AWS Kumo Development team builds applications that encompass a variety of technical areas such as Information Retrieval, Data Mining, and building scalable systems that close the last mile gap with AWS Customers like Netflix. An example application is AWS Trusted Advisor which performs data mining for customers and gives precise recommendation on cost optimization, security, fault tolerance and performance.

Kumo owns the services and user interfaces required to deliver various AWS Support features to our customers, some of them are described here https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport

In addition, the Kumo development team is executing on key blue-sky projects that involve social media mining, machine learning, workflow automation and of course standing up public web services to enable AWS customers and partners.  Kumo is unique because they work across all of the AWS services (EC2, RDS and ELB) and have direct exposure to both internal and external customers.  The AWS Kumo development team is working on 3 different, green field projects including customer facing applications. The space lends itself to be cutting edge and intellectually stimulating as they are tackling new boundaries in the cloud computing space. Some of the challenges facing the team are in big data, social apps, machine learning and data mining. The Kumo Development Team is looking for software development engineers and interns to drive improvements around the following key areas; Support Engineer Desktop and Workflow, Support Customer Facing Improvements; Voice of the Customer infrastructure, and Self Service and Contact Reduction.


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